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Thinking outside the box

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

I struggled to get to the above image. I did the research on my client, her brand, her products... I was given the green light to think outside the box, and I couldn't!

For some reason, my brain would only allow me to shoot things that I had seen before (don't look at things, but that's a post for a different day).

While this is beautiful, it doesn't push the limits

I got extremely frustrated until someone told me to "try flipping things upside down!"

In the above image you can see that's exactly what I did, literally and proverbially.

My client's tagline is "Food is Fashion". She lives by this mantra because she loves fashion and believes that just like with fashion there are no rules, the same applies to food. There are no rules in food!

Another thing I noticed is that my client often says" We got food at home". She strongly believes in making the food we cook at home delicious and decadent.

I took both of these concepts and put them together for this shoot! I broke all the rules in how food should be plated by adding in fashion items.

I flipped things over.

I made an "at home set" look fabulous!

The moral of the story is sometimes you have to push yourself to think outside the box!

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