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Reimagining Nail Polish

Nail polish. It's nothing more than a tiny little bottle of paint that has a brush included. It's really just a Behr can with a better design. Have you ever dipped a paint brush in a paint can? You have to have a tray to catch the drip quickly... in fact you have to buy a brush separately from the paint itself. So, nail polish, if you think about it, just took the can of paint design and made it better by including a brush.

I looked at a bottle of nail polish and decided to reimagine how I have captured it in the past.

While I think I have done a pretty fine job at capturing the colors and making them look inviting, I wanted to push past my default of doing a typical swatch of the color, and a hero image of the bottle. Of course, it really just depends on the use case for the images, because sometimes a normal swatch and hero are necessary.

Hero Nail Polish Bottle

So, I took the idea that nail polish is just a small can of paint, and decided to use that as inspiration. I chose to use painters tape because it is meant to keep paint in the lines.

Creative nail polish swatch

I am always thinking in terms of creating advertisements (I can't help it). I thought about what I would do if I were commissioned to create images for a brand of nail polish that is hip and all about encouraging women to be themselves. This is what I came up with. Vivid Nail Lacquer.

creative nail polish advertisement

creative nail polish advertisement

Here are a few of the other images I shot.

nail polish drip from bottle

creative nail polish photo

This last image was a heavy contender to be the photo I chose for the "ad", But I decided to go with the other one to provide more white space for text.

nail polish pouring from bottle

I mean... Why not show you what I was thinking? Which one do you prefer?

creative nail polish advertisement


If you are interested in working together, feel free to contact me via email!

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