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Updated: Jul 13, 2023

The Art of Speaking YOUR brand voice, not my own.

There is a school of thought in the world of commercial photography that says "have your own distinct voice". While I agree with this school of thought it doesn't always work for me.

I have a specific style of shooting that I am drawn to... however, I often feel it can turn me into a creative one trick pony. I know, this is not the traditional approach to commercial photography and can be very detrimental to even the most talented photographer's career, but for me it's worth the risk!

The majority of my clients allow me to just run wild and create what I feel is best based on their needs. However, I also have brands that have a specific style/voice they need me to speak in to meet their specific needs so I like to perfect the art of adjusting. I f=work my adjustment muscles by shooting in different styles on my own; I will often stare at a product and let it decide what style it should be shot in! It makes me feel multilingual in a way since I have never learned a second language.

I had the privilege of working with the D.C. based Juice Bar Turning Natural.

I spoke with my client about the colors, images, and brands that spoke to her. She mentioned that she really likes Chanel's website and how it was mostly white with the products themselves being the pop of color.

From there I sketched some ideas to save time. I don't always sketch the ideas first, I do this in cases where I have intricate ideas and I need to know before I start shooting how things will look.

I didn't work with a food or prop stylist on this shoot so I needed to know ahead of time what my plans were.

I shot everything on a white background and incorporated lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to bring each product to life.

In hindsight there are a few more questions I would have asked to have spoken even more clearly in the Turning Natural voice. Nevertheless, each shoot is a learning opportunity that I take to the next one

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