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Our Story of Healing and Humanity

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In this unfeigned documentary, director Sophia Mobley comes face to face with memories of the traumatizing day her dog was attacked. She sets out to receive healing from the trauma while getting a deeper understanding of why humans develop strong emotional ties to animals.

what is life after pet?

the goal

The goal of this film is to collect footage from all over the world to highlight the love and compassion we have for animals and use that to inspire a deeper compassion for humans.


 In 2005 I got an 8 week old beagle puppy who I named Triana (after the city she was born in). This dog literally became like a child to me, I cared about her like I would care for any other member of my family. 


On December 18, 2018 Triana and I went on a walk.  We noticed a girl struggling to control a large dog that I had never seen before in our neighborhood. The dog dragged the girl to the ground and she dropped the leash. Within the blink of an eye, the dog rushed across the street to where Triana and I were walking and attacked her.

the backstory

the plan


Triana at 9 weeks old

After experiencing an immense amount of trauma from losing my dog in the attack, I learned that so many others have lingering trauma from pet loss. My findings made me want to explore:

  • why humans develop such strong emotional ties to animals even if we have never met them

  •  if humans share the same type of blind compassion for each other


I will collect footage from pet owners all around the world of them sharing their stories of loss, love, and healing. This will not just be my story, it will be ours!

Triana 1 week before attack ( 13 yrs old)

the need

Producing a film can come with unique challenges and can be very expensive. My last film, "The Acorn" received 5 film festival selections, and won 2 awards for Best Documentary Feature. I produced, directed, and edited the film without a team. The Acorn was a fantastic film, but I know this film can be far more impactful with financial help. These are a few needs that can be met with financial assistance:

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CFF Black Official Selection Laurels 202
  • Film Composer

  • Marketing and PR

  • Music Supervisor

  • Music licenses

  • Editor

  • Server to collect and store footage

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All proceeds will go to the making of this film


Do you need to speak with a grief counselor? 

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