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5 Tips for Getting Killer Wedding Photos

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

So you're not a model, but you want your wedding photos to be killer, heres how!

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Tip #1 location, Location, LOCATION!

One good way to get killer wedding photos is to choose a good location for the pictures! Sometimes this means moving away from the wedding venue, or even shooting the pictures before or after the actual wedding day. Many times we see wedding photos and we think they are pretty, but somehow they are missing a wow factor. My advice to you would be to spend some time scouting a location, or tell your photographer the type of mood or vibe you want to create, and let them know you want a WOW factor. If your photographer is anything like me, they will be ecstatic to FINALLY be able to step out of the usual hum-drum wedding photo locations that you're used to seeing and choosing a location that is amazing!

Tip #2 Be Willing to Get a Little Dirty

I know, I know, I know.... Dirty is not exactly one of the words you are comfortable hearing when you think of your wedding pictures. However, if the ceremony is over, you will thank me later! Deon and Courtney gave me full creative reign over their shoot, so I took them in the forrest! It was a little muddy and slippery in some places, there were mosquitoes and deer, but in the end, their photos are stunning! Who cares if they feet got a little muddy. The pictures are definitely show stoppers and have a bit of a wow factor that other wedding venue photos don't have.

Tip #3 Trust the Process

There were periods of time when Deon or Courtney would say "Are you sure???" And I would say "Yes!" They saw the proofs and some of them seemed to fall a little flat, there were a could of tiny things that were distractions in the photos, and maybe a few small stains on her dress and feet after we left the forrest and went to our next location. These things can make you lose confidence in how good the photos will look in the end, but sometimes you just have to trust the process or your photographer's process for making sure the final product is nothing short of stellar.

Tip #4 Keep Moving

I am also a videographer, and I know that when I'm shooting video during a wedding photoshoot, it always looks best when the couple keeps moving. Even if it means slight movements like titling your head, batting your eyes, or small movements with your fingers wile you hold hands. Believe it or not those small movements show up in the video, and in the photos. You will find that you look less robotic and forced. So keep moving! Unless of course your photographer tells you to hold still... then yeah... don't move.

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Tip #5 Forget that Anybody is Around

I enjoy documentary/photo journalism style shooting. This works especially well for wedding, engagement, and family photos. No one has to tell you to love each other, you just do! You show it in small ways that can easily be detected by a camera. But somehow the moment you remember that people are watching or you wait for direction, all that authentic love goes right out the window. Whenever I'm shooting I take more f a fly on the wall approach, and I am able to capture the true essence of your love and your relationship. I mean seriously, who stands arm in arm in front of a lake???

wedding photos, engagement photos, black couple, black love, wedding pictures

Allow your photographer to shoot your photos in a location that is show stopping or unusual, be willing to get a little dirty, trust the process, keep moving, and forget everyone else, cause at the end of the day... the photos are all about you!

Contact me today if you're in the market for a great photographer or videographer to shoot your wedding!

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